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Families & Individuals

Many families and individuals come to us and realize their financial house is not in order because they’re lacking a fully comprehensive financial plan. While they may have a 401(k) or an investment account, they are without essentials like a will, estate plan, proper liability coverage, or healthcare directives.

We help the families and individuals we serve not only have focused portfolio management designed to reach their goals, but also remain well-positioned for the future. Our mission is to serve as your financial advisors through all cycles of life, handling matters related to managing and preserving your wealth, and building your legacy.

Entertainment Industry

Entertainment industry professionals are entrepreneurs who must balance their artistic pursuits with the demands of running a business. To maximize revenue and build wealth, it’s essential to create a solid financial plan.

At WSP, we specialize in helping those in the entertainment industry, including actors, writers, musicians, artists, chefs, managers, athletes, executives, professionals, and high-net-worth individuals. Our team can help you efficiently manage your finances, leaving you free to focus on your success.

We’re committed to matching our clients’ passion and attention to detail when it comes to meeting their needs. Let us help you reach your goals and secure your financial future.

Business Owners

As a business owner you’ve built something to last, something that you care about. At WSP, we’re passionate about growing with you. We help further your success by giving you the ability and confidence to focus on what you do best. Our team will provide comprehensive service, taking the time to understand your goals and help you address a wide variety of needs, including:

  • Asset protection
  • Cash management
  • Business Valuations
  • Insurance
  • Financing
  • Retirement & Succession Planning
  • Employee 401k, Simple IRA, or similar plan enrollment

In addition to our own expertise and financial knowledge, we have access to all the resources of Raymond James, one of the country’s leading financial services firms. By working with us, you’ll enjoy the confidence of knowing you have a single, trusted source for financial advice. This means less time stressing about finances and more time devoted to growing your business.

Corporate Executives

As a corporate executive, you understand that planning is at the heart of running a successful business. The same is true for your personal financial future. However, between the time-consuming demands of your job, and the complex nature of your personal financial circumstances, planning for yourself can be difficult.

We bring a disciplined, unbiased perspective to your decision-making process that can help you avoid some of the mistakes commonly made by individual investors. We work in combination with other professionals, such as your CPA, attorney, and your company’s counsel, to consolidate multiple areas into a comprehensive strategy designed to help achieve your financial goals.

Our team specializes in providing consultative services to corporate executives on a variety of issues related to their unique positions, including concentrated stock positions, equity-based compensation, regulatory requirements & forms filing, and company trading policies.


Retirees are living longer, more active lives. It’s essential that your retirement plan works for you. The team at WSP aims to help you enjoy the life you’ve envisioned while mitigating risks that could make your nest egg vulnerable. We help pre-retirees and retirees plan for their futures and overcome the challenges of profound lifestyle changes as their lives evolve.

As a team, we’ll discuss what you need and want your money to do for you, then assess the likelihood of achieving these goals. If there are tradeoffs, we will demonstrate how small compromises could make a big impact over the long term. We’ll address your concerns and develop strategies to guide you forward.

Through our estate and legacy planning, your accumulated wealth will pass in the most efficient way to your heirs and philanthropic endeavors.


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