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We exist because we have a responsibility to help others.

Our total wealth management services help ensure that however your life evolves, your financial house remains strong.

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We won’t hide behind our desks. We are committed to providing distinctive services as we partner with you.

Wealth Strategies Partners was established in 2014 with the goal of providing the families we serve with comprehensive financial planning accompanied by Ritz-Carlton levels of customer service. Since the beginning, our team of professionals has been dedicated to working together and supporting each other.

We are passionate about planning for each room in your financial house, whether that means examining tax efficiency, providing counsel on your estate, or preparing for major life changes.

WSP chooses Raymond James, a widely respected multinational firm, as our custodian because of their sustainable reputation and time tested track record within the financial industry. As our client you have our total dedication and the support of Raymond James.

We believe the numbers speak for themselves: RJF shareholders’ equity of $9.7 billion, more than two times required regulatory capital, 140 quarters of consecutive profitability*, approximately 8,700 financial advisors, and equity research coverage of more than 1,200 companies.

*Past performance is not indicative of future results. The information provide is for informational purposes only and is not a solicitation to buy or sell Raymond James Financial Stock.


Our Team

  • Paul Allen and dog posing for a picture
    Paul Allen and dog posing for a picture

    Paul is the president & CEO of Wealth Strategies Partners and a financial executive with more than three decades of industry experience.

    • Father
    • Traveler
    • Go Big Orange!
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    Paul C. Allen, CFP®, MS
    President & CEO
  • WSP team member Heather Beckwith
    WSP team member Heather Beckwith

    As Chief Operating Officer, Heather is an integral member of Wealth Strategies Partners’ leadership team.

    • Gardener
    • Optimist
    • Chef
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    Heather Beckwith
    Chief Operating Officer, Registered Principal, RJFS
  • Photo of WSP team member Julia Hoskins
    Photo of WSP team member Julia Hoskins

    Julia serves as Vice President of Operations and is a member of Wealth Strategies Partners’ leadership team.

    • Dog Lover
    • Foodie
    • Yoga Enthusiast
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    Julia Hoskins
    Vice President of Operations
  • Trey oversees Business Development for Wealth Strategies Partners focusing on relationships in the music and entertainment industries.

    • Vinyl Collector
    • Amateur Gardener
    • Green Egg Advocate
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    Trey Allen
    Business Development
  • Caleb Boy serves as a Relationship Manager for Wealth Strategies Partners and works alongside the team to provide clients with white glove service and ensure their needs and goals are met.

    • Servant Leader
    • Sports Fanatic
    • Simple Things
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    Caleb Boy
    Relationship Manager, RJFS
  • WSP Team member Matthew
    WSP Team member Matthew

    Matthew serves as our Client Concierge. Prior to joining Wealth Strategies Partners, he held diverse operational roles across the hospitality industry.

    • Wining
    • Dining
    • Silver Linings
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    Matthew Davis
    Client Concierge
  • Dennis the dog
    Dennis the dog

    During his tenure as Dog, Dennis has provided countless hours of support for our team members and strategic partners, often participating in client visits and strategy sessions.

    • Beggin’ Strips
    • Traveler
    • Lap Dog
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    He’s a Dog

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Our Core Values

At Wealth Strategies Partners, we exist because we have a responsibility to help others. We believe in providing the highest quality of care while keeping our clients’ financial houses in order. That means from A-Z, every piece of your financial plan is spelled out, considered, and meticulously organized to support your family’s financial goals.


    Working together as a team is crucial to helping our clients. In order to provide the best care, we work in tandem with our collective talents and expertise with your best interest in mind. In order to serve our families, we must work well within our own company “family.”


    We believe that staying disciplined and dedicated throughout our process is a major key to success. Whether we are examining a portfolio or taking meetings, we’re aware that a keen sense of focus and attention to details is everything.


    Our team believes that no stone should be left unturned when it comes to providing our clients with distinctive service. Not only are we a group of professionals, we work with our professional network to ensure your financial house remains in order.