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Danielle Spence, Wealth Advisor, sits on the Financial Literacy Panel at the Rose Bowl Women’s Symposium

In the Fall of 2023, the Rose Bowl Institute hosted its fifth annual Women’s Empowerment Symposium over three transformative days. 

On Day 3 among the wealth of inspiration, discussions, and networking opportunities, our very own Danelle Spence had the opportunity to sit on the Financial Literacy Panel. Her insightful discourse delved into the critical realm of financial literacy, shedding light on the path towards economic empowerment for women. 

The host opened up the discussion by asking the panel what it means to be financially whole. Among the many luminaries, Danielle Spence’s words echoed, carving a space for shared growth and enlightenment. Danielle shared “ We can advise you all day long on what makes sense on paper, for just pure numbers or tax strategies, but we need you to do whatever helps you sleep at night.” 

“There are different ways to approach finances, and it’s never cookie cutter no matter if people look the same or sound the same on paper. So it’s important to understand and the professionals you work with have to understand and be in sync with your financial goals.” 

Danielle and the other insightful women on the panel bring a wealth of experience and knowledge and provide the listeners with a compass to navigate the intricate landscape of financial literacy. Danielle Spence’s words linger, urging us to embrace financial wisdom that aligns not just with numbers but with the tranquility that comes with knowing our choices resonate with our deepest values. It’s a reminder that financial wholeness transcends conventional paths, and the solutions that can be found are as unique as each individual investor. 

To delve deeper into the invaluable insights shared during the Women’s Empowerment Symposium and learn how this great organization champions financial literacy, please read more about the program here

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