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Here’s Our Market Outlook for 2024

Dear WSP Friends and Family,

What an end to 2023! Now what?

The stock market performance in November and December was like a beautiful gift from Santa left under our trees! However, 2024 has already seen the return of volatility, and we expect this volatility to continue. 

2024 is going to be a year in which we’ll navigate global conflict, geopolitical risk, inflation data, interest rate movements and an upcoming presidential election. All of these factors will lead to short-term volatility. 

As most of you know, I talk about Warren Buffett almost daily. What do you think he would do about these short-term stock market movements? If you said he wouldn’t do much, you are correct! He has never concerned himself with short-term stock market movements, which is why he is one of the most legendary investors of all time. At Wealth Strategies Partners, we are following Mr. Buffett’s ways and focusing on long-term planning, not short-term market movements.

Paul C. Allen
CFP®, MS | President & CEO

Celebrating 10 Years of White Glove Client Service

It’s WSP’s 10th birthday! We wouldn’t be celebrating a decade of service if it wasn’t for our amazing clients, partners and friends. THANK YOU all for trusting us to keep your financial houses in order over the last 10 years. We are grateful for your partnership and support, and we can’t wait to see what the next decade holds!

Have you reviewed your beneficiaries this year?

As you organize and plan for a successful year ahead, it’s a great time to sit down with our team and review your beneficiaries on all documents and accounts, including trusts and life insurance policies.  Marriages, divorces, births, deaths and other major life events can all warrant changes.

This month, we challenge you to review your beneficiary designations to ensure assets are distributed according to your wishes.

Save time, minimize stress and avoid unnecessary conflict by regularly reviewing your beneficiaries. Contact us today and let our team help ensure your financial house is in order!

Ask an Advisor: I’ve changed jobs. Now what?

Have you recently changed jobs and aren’t sure what to do with retirement assets from your previous employer? You’re in luck, because Dalton Harris, Associate Advisor, is answering this question as part of our “Ask an Advisor” series.

Visit the link below to read the strategies Dalton recommends if you have savings in a former employer’s retirement plan. If you have questions about the best option for your situation, email Dalton at at

WSP team member, Dalton Harris

Do you have a question you would like answered in an upcoming edition of our  “Ask and Advisor” series? Submit your question using the submission form below.

Keep these tips in mind when transferring wealth to the next generation

As baby boomers prepare to pass down their wealth amidst the “great wealth transfer,” it’s important they leave behind the legacy they intend. Many people work hard to grow their wealth, and it’s essential they take the same level of thought and care to steward their assets to the next generation and the causes they care about.

In a recent article published by The Tennessean, our president & CEO, Paul Allen, CFP®, MS, shares 5 actionable pieces of advice that will ensure a successful transfer of generational wealth.

Strong Teams Create Better Results

WSP Team Shares Expertise with Local Business Leaders

Paul Allen, CFP®, MS and Danielle Spence recently spoke at the New York/Nashville business alliance networking event at Richland Country Club about the opportunities and challenges facing businesses today as well as their expectations for the future of artificial intelligence. The New York/Nashville business alliance is a resource for companies who are part of the growing commercial link between New York City and Nashville.

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