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Tax season has arrived! We’re here to help.

Dear WSP Family & Friends,  

Are you prepared for tax season? The 2023 tax deadline of Tuesday, April 18 is right around the corner. The good news? There’s still time to create a plan to maximize your tax savings, and our team is here to help. 

Make an appointment today by replying to this e-mail or calling our office to ensure you are taking advantage of the best tax-saving strategies for your financial circumstances. 

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Paul C. Allen

CFP®, MS | President

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2023 is the year to maximize 2022 changes 

February might be best known for Valentine’s Day, but it’s also when that “new year, new me” gusto starts to lose steam. While it may be tempting to skip the gym and grab a burger, now is the time to keep the momentum going, starting with your financial plan!

Did you know that 2023 brings the opportunity to add more to your 401(k), your IRA or your Health Savings account (HSA) than last year? If you make automatic savings contributions, have you ensured they have been adjusted to take advantage of the increased contribution limits?

If you’re a business owner, or if you help your company manage its retirement plan, did you know new opportunities from the Secure Act 2.0can help you save, be more efficient and offer better benefits to your employees? 

If you want to make sure you’re taking advantage of these opportunities or just want to take a fresh look at things, give us a call! We can help.  

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Contribution limits are increasing in 2023

While inflation has made the cost of everyday items go up, there is some good news: 401(k) and HSA contribution limits have increased for 2023! See below for the contribution limit updates by account type and let us know if you need help adjusting your deferrals and ensuring your retirement savings stay on track. You may even be able to do more than the amounts we have listed. 

  • 401k: $22,500 (+$2k)
  • ROTH/Trad: $6,500 (+$500)
  • SEP: $66,000 (+$5k)
  • SIMPLE: $15,500 (+$1.5k)
  • HSA: $3,850 ind. (+$200)
    • $7,750 family (+$450)

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Important Information for Tax Season 2022

The 2023 tax deadline of Tuesday, April 18 will be here soon. All tax forms will be mailed from our headquarters at Raymond James by the IRS deadline of March 15.

2022 Form 1099 mailing schedule

  • January 31 – Mailing of Form 1099-Q and Retirement Tax Packages
  • February 15 – Mailing of original Form 1099s
  • February 28 – Begin mailing delayed and amended Form 1099s
  • March 15 – Final mailing of any remaining delayed original Form 1099s

For instant access to your financial information and tax documents, you can enroll in Client Access,  Raymond James’ secure, convenient online account access system. 

For questions regarding your tax documents or accessing your Client Access account , please call (615-457-3481) or email Dalton Harris

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WSP Sponsors Sarasota Chamber of Commerce’s “Party on the Bay” Event

We had a blast sponsoring the photobooth and wine selection at the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce’s “Party on the Bay” event on February 15th. Jacqueline Kulle, Wealth Manager, attended on behalf of our team and enjoyed an evening of networking, food tastings and craft cocktails while enjoying an unbeatable view of the Sarasota bay. We are proud to support local events like this one that bring our community together!

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