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Sustainability and Innovation: A Visit to Taylor Farms Manufacturing Plant

Recently, WSP team members Danielle Spence, Dalton Harris, and Caleb Boy visited the Taylor Farms manufacturing plant located in Smyrna, TN – Rutherford County’s second largest employer. Their visit provided much insight into the intricate processes of one of the nation’s leading providers of fresh salads and produce.

As our team delved deeper into their operations, one statistic stood out: a staggering one-third of the United States consumes Taylor Farms salad products. This underscores the company’s expansive reach and its integral role in shaping the nation’s food habits. The company can reach 16 states and over 50% of the nation’s population in a single day’s drive!

The plant’s scale is massive and awe-inspiring. Each week, Taylor Farms receives a whopping 5,000,000 pounds of raw material alone. This speaks volumes about the demand for fresh, quality produce in today’s market, and with great quantity comes great responsibility. Taylor Farms is acutely aware of its environmental impact.

One particularly commendable aspect of Taylor Farms’ operations is its commitment to sustainability. Within the plant, our team learned that approximately 100,000 pounds of food waste are generated weekly. However, rather than letting this excess go to waste, Taylor Farms has implemented a proactive solution. Local farmers are paid to collect this surplus, daily, ensuring that it doesn’t end up in landfills. It’s a symbiotic relationship as the waste becomes feed for livestock.

Speaking of feed for livestock – one of our favorite facts from this tour involves the surprising behavior of cows. Did you know that cows will actively search for onions among piles of waste? Just like humans, the onions make them cry, too!

Many thanks to Brian Thure, President of Taylor Farms Tennessee, for this incredible experience! His favorite salad? The Dill Pickle Chopped!

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