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We are here for you regardless of market performance 

Dear WSP Family & Friends, 

It has been a challenging seven months for investors. We suspect these challenges won’t disappear overnight, and we’ll spend the remainder of the year navigating them. There is no better time to be reminded that we must stay patient and strategic to participate in the market’s upside when it inevitably recovers.  

One major problem during times like these is that most advisors go quiet. Many advisors love to communicate with clients when the markets are up, but they hide under their desks and throw their phones away when the markets are down. 

You likely have friends or family members that are dealing with this right now. Our passion at Wealth Strategies Partners is helping our client families through ups and downs. We believe it’s our responsibility to be trusted resources to every person we can help, and we hope you’ll let us know if there’s someone who can benefit from a team that proactively communicates with their clients regardless of market conditions.  

If you know someone that isn’t regularly hearing from their advisor and can use our help, please reply to this email or call our office!

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Paul Allen

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